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Dr. Heidi Waldorf on the set of The Dr. Oz Show


Keith Veseleny
Keith Veseleny

Keith Veseleny

Aesthetic PR is brought to you by American Health and Beauty, LLC

Since 1998 our publisher and editor, Keith Veseleny, has been working with Ophthalmologists, Cosmetic Dentists, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists & Medical Spas to promote and publicize their practices. Aesthetic PR is our way of giving back.

Aesthetic PR is designed to share Social Media tips, PR strategies and Medical Marketing advice for Aesthetic Companies to thrive and prosper in the 21st century!

In addition we have very inexpensive Social Media Marketing packages available… we can help your practice or device through our network of almost 1/2 MILLION followers and fans! (read: patients & doctors)

Medical Websites

robertburkesite-300x187Since 1998 – Our parent company VC Cubed has been a leader in medical web site design, content, hosting, web site marketing and tracking, and owns a vast original stock photography library.

VC Cubed’s websites are carefully planned with search engine placement and consumer interest and inquiries at the forefront of each site.

We can provide a customized proposal for your new website or redesign within a few business days.

Branding & PR

Waldorf-Oz-PhotoThrough our media service American Health & Beauty, which is a Google News Source, we have received millions of patient views for for plastic surgeons, dermatologists & medical devices. We and/or our doctors have been featured on The Doctors, Dr. Oz, The Associated Press, Good Day LA, the Today Show and much more.

Unlike traditional PR firms that charge thousands of dollars per month and then land you as quoted in a “blog post” somewhere, we feature a “PR Light” approach where we assist doctors in getting their content and brand “out there” frequently.

Brand Building is more than custom logos, mission statements & marketing materials. Branding is the perception others have of you and your practice.

Stand apart from the competition

Creating a niche or a series of niches in your specialty is the easiest and least expensive methods of plastic surgery brand building. Since 1998 we have assisted hundreds of practices in their brand building

Building a brand means communicating your best, most authentic message more effectively, and in a more captivating way than your competitors so prospects see you as the solution to their problems. A custom logo reflects your organizational character and sets you apart from your competition. Your logo is not who you are as a business—it is a symbol of what you stand for.

Branding gives your patients a sense of confidence and personal connection


BarnesTVvideos-300x231Our videos have grossed over 1,000,000 views. Have you talked to doctors who have spent $3,000 or more for a video and received 120 views? We have a system to produce quality videos very inexpensively!

So what are patients searching for? Patients are looking for a reason to trust you! Videos give people a way to see the real you. You can establish trust and authority before they ever come to the office.

Set yourself a part by using videos to discuss your latest procedures, showcase your office & staff and much more.