Don’t spend your money promoting the people you pay to promote you!

We see this all the time, people using their advertising dollars or social media influence to promote a special they are running through a paid promotional service like Living Social or GroupOn.

“We’re on Living Social today! You won’t want to miss this 82% savings!” — posted today on an Arizona MedSpa’s twitter feed.

Typically the split with these “deal of the day” sites is around 50% and their job is to bring you business that you wouldn’t have found on your own. To many businesses, this is fair and makes sense. But why would you send customers you already influence to a third party service? Why not test your own sphere of influence through a similar discount, deal or special of your own? Not only would this save you money (not having to split profits from a promotion with the daily deal site), it would also give you trackable data.

The ability to measure which methods and approaches receive the best response from your particular target audience is invaluable. Make the same offer to consumers directly and cut out the middle man whenever possible.

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