Free PR for Medical Devices on Major Media Shows is Gone

Recently, there have been frequent discussions about how some shows like Good Morning America, THE Today Show, The Doctors or Doctor Oz are almost becoming infomercials – touting the latest books, diets and even medical treatments – than they are to traditional news style programming. More than a trend, many laser manufacturers budget their PR dollars with the sole goal of getting on one or more of these shows. And unfortunately many “me-too” devices or books are given news classification for what really is commercial promotion.

In defense of the shows, we aren’t aware of any on the national level accepting compensation for their showings. We have, however, heard of hosts receiving free services or even laser devices in exchange for air time.

Today I noticed a twist… one of the shows possibly “fighting back” by denying branding of the device. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian demonstrated a pulsed dye laser to treat Rosacea on today’s episode of “The Doctors”. However, the logos of the device are masked by stickers. Is there a future for branded devices on major media outlets or is the free ride over?

Is Free PR for Medical Devices on TV Gone?

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