How to Optimize Your Plastic Surgery Practice Facebook Page in 5 Steps

How to Optimize Your Plastic Surgery Practice Facebook Page in 5 Steps

It’s understandable that many doctors and plastic surgeons have been wary of utilizing social media for marketing purposes. Doctors with short termed, “lead generation” mentalities are looking for an immediate ROI, not realizing priceless returns of long term branding vs. buying leads. And the marketing cost difference is pennies vs. dollars. Here are a five tips for effective Facebook page optimization for your practice.

1. Provide Useful Information

People use Facebook in order to socialize, not to become good “friends” with a doctor. If you are hoping to attract the attention of modern consumers, you must provide useful information and display a sense of customer value rather than requesting your page’s visitors to give you personal information or do things for you. “Useful Information” would include helpful tips on dealing with health issues (ie: diet, skin care, weight loss tips), accurate information on new medical procedures, etc.

2. Ask Thought-Provoking and Related Questions

Once you have attracted the attention of visitors, it is your job to engage them. By asking intelligent questions of your consumers and soliciting their genuine opinions and concerns with regards to the healthcare industry, you can spark interesting dialogue within your community and draw in more fans.

3. Have Expert-Led Discussions

Don’t allow a marketing firm or PR rep to lead your medical discussions. The key to Facebook page optimization is earning the trust and respect of your fans. Today’s consumers are savvy and are quickly able to sniff out marketing ploys or phonies. By making use of real medical experts (trained staff, estheticians, the Doctor, etc.) to respond to visitor’s questions, you are sure to gain a loyal following.

4. Create a Publishing Schedule

Facebook is more than just having a page or buying display ads – it’s about having something relevant and new to say. It’s important that you routinely take the time to create valuable content, provide information, and ask question. When your consumers know that you have a regular schedule for updating your page, they will be more inclined to return frequently.

5. Evaluate Success

The success of your Facebook page depends on more than your amount of “likes”. The true measure of success and the biggest factor in Facebook page optimization is community involvement. Evaluate your page from time to time to see how engaged your consumers are, how many intelligent conversations have been sparked, and how many return visitors you have.

By following these five Facebook optimization strategies you can successfully reach consumers while remaining within FDA compliance regulations.

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