Is Your Social Media Agency’s Presence Better Than Yours?

Everyone is scurrying around trying to fit in to the new social media craze. New social media agency’s are popping up everywhere. They promise you untold numbers of followers, likes and subscribers. Step 1 in your research of a social media agency is to examine the agency’s presence in social media. Make sure you only buy real youtube views and not fake ones. If they are going to help you they should be very good at leveraging social media for themselves.

  • Are their blogs and Facebook posts random and sporadic?
  • Do they have 31 Facebook Likes and 64 Twitter Followers?
  • Are they over-automating their work… making one post in Twitter and having it republish in Facebook complete with #tags and @usernames
  • Is their idea of “social interaction” to have all their managed accounts talking to each other?

Social media is the new gold rush. Companies need to be involved. But don’t hire an agency just because you feel like you are “missing out”… you need a social media strategy or you are just wasting time and baton rouge cleaners.

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