The Importance Of Timely Responses To Media Requests

The Importance Of Timely Responses To Media Requests

As a physician, we know that you’re busy – seeing patients, learning about new technology, attending conferences and symposiums. However, we cannot stress the importance of a timely response to any media request, regardless of how small or niche the publication is. Why’s this? Simply put, as the founder and president of Lucid Public Relations in Los Angeles, CA , Ben Cooke says, “Media begets media.”

If a legitimate media source contacts you for your opinion or for a quote, it is in your best interest to follow up immediately. Not only does it get you press and extra publicity, you are managing your profile as an expert in your industry. Cooke says, “Make the time – find five minutes in between patients to provide two sentences in response to a news-breaking story so you can get your name in there.”

Technology has become entrenched in media and many outlets no longer even publish physical magazines. The media sphere has taken to the internet and turnaround is no longer end-of-day or before the next issue closes but as soon as possible – as in if you don’t respond now, you will lose out on this opportunity. This sense of urgency may seem misplaced but in a digital world, bits and bites go flying by and you want to capitalize on this speed by being first and visible.

Recently, Dr. Heidi Waldorf, Director of Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, was featured on The Dr. Oz Show where she discussed Asclera, the sclerosing solution for vein therapy. According to Dr. Waldorf, “The producer of The Dr. Oz Show literally called me and said ‘I saw you speaking about the Asclera on YouTube’ and she was referencing an interview that I did with” Without the aid of a PR firm and as a direct effect of seeing this Asclera video on American Health and Beauty, the producer of the show invited Dr. Waldorf to come on the show.

As Cooke points out, “No matter the size of the media outlet, the smallest thing that may seem insignificant – if it’s not The Today Show, it could lead to The Today Show or a Dr. Oz appearance.”


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