Top 7 Reasons Why a Cosmetic Surgeon Should Blog

Having a great website is absolutely the most important step in your online marketing approach. A Blog is probably your second.Cosmetic Surgery Blog

1. A Blog is the easiest and most casual way to actively communicate with your patients and potential patients

Websites are typically not structured to allow quick and easy additions of new content. With a Blog and a little practice, you can easily add daily content with no formal writing best digital marketing agency San Diego. So where can you get Blog ideas from? Here are just a few instances in which an easy and quick Blog can be based upon:

  • Has a patient shared “common misinformation” about a procedure or device with you? This can easily be posted as a Blog entry by correcting the misinformation – making you look like an expert while dispelling incorrect knowledge.
  • Are you at a seminar or workshop, hearing about new technologies such as nowadays recommended video identification app for online fraud protection? Turn this into a Blog entry and appear to be ahead of the curve.
  • What are your most popular procedures and “how does it benefit the patient”? Patients want good and sound information, especially for popular procedures and a Blog is the perfect way to disseminate your extensive knowledge.

2. You own and control it

Although a Facebook Page and a Twitter account are required to stay competitive these days, you do not own these resources. You could easily invest thousands of dollars on a Facebook page and marketing campaign and Facebook could change their policies without warning. Your substantial investment then becomes null – overnight!

Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels should be utilized to guide your patients to your Blog, which is a resource that you own. You can then use your Blog to funnel patients to your website.

3. You establish and build trust – you become the expert in your market

This is an investment in “mind share.” The more visible you are to your patients and peers, the more important you are in their mind. Quick… who are the leaders in your local market? You want your name to be up there as a leader and expert.

4. It’s great for your SEO

Google, Bing and Yahoo love fresh content. Blogging gives your aesthetic practice the ability to talk about a wide range of topics – many of them on current trends and technologies. Wouldn’t it be nice to rank on Google for technologies you don’t own or buzz terms that everyone is discussing?

5. You can educate and inform patients

Everyone knows the worst patient is one with unreasonable expectations. By educating your patients, you help mold their expectations in advance to be reasonable. Likewise, educating patients about reasonable expectations help negate any marketing buzz that their brains are full of.

6. You build credibility with your peers

This goes back to mind share. The more you publish, the more of an expert you appear to be in their collective mind.

7. You can engage and create loyal patients for your medical Spa or Cosmetic Surgery practice

A Blog is an excellent way to create a relationship with your patients; past, present and future.. Post Blog entries for new procedures you are now offereing, any special events you may be hosting or special deals that you may be offering so your patients feel like they are part of the “in crowd”. As you already know, a happy patient is one that returns and refers other patients to your cosmetic practice!

Cosmetic Surgeon Blogging

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